Preparation for relaxation

Last week the VIP children learned an original song about autumn.

‘The Sun Is Gold, Before It Goes Down.’
‘The Wind Is Bold As The Leaves Are Brown.’
‘Every Blackberry Is Strong And Sweet.’
‘The Fireplace Is Merry As It Warms Your Feet.’

Through the extensive use of imagery: the students discovered that gold, the metal, can also be a colour. Then they developed an understanding of singular and multiple nouns (Five Blackberries, Ten Blackberries, One Blackberry). They eventually understood the word ‘bold’ as a feeling and a sensation. After that they were re-introduced to the word ‘wind’ and they mixed the word ‘bold’ with it to understand what a ‘bold’ wind is. Then they were introduced to the song, discovering autumn’s hedonistic sensation and its pre-Halloween atmosphere.

Author: Karl Gorman