Easter in the Owl class


This week in class we continued with the theme of Easter. We went over vocabulary for animals that live on a farm and paid particular attention to baby animals. The children enjoyed learning the names of the animals as well as the sounds they are commonly known to make. We learned about chickens, and more specifically that they lay eggs affiliated with Easter. Focusing on eggs, the children conducted several experiments, like peeling hard-boiled eggs, making a hatched egg/baby chick in art class, painting Easter eggs, and making egg spread. We also continued going over specific emotions in English, such as: happy, angry, confused, etc… Not only do we learn the English words for these emotions, but also the body language most commonly affiliated with them (like smiling when you’re happy, or frowning when you’re upset). With Easter coming next week, the children should have a good framework in English for the customs of the holiday.

Autor: native teacher Andrew