This week in the Owl class Animals and Art

This week in class we continued our focus on animals, more specifically reptiles and water mammals. The children made turtles and snakes in art class and learned about the general traits of reptiles, ie laying eggs, scales, sometimes amphibious, etc…We also made a frog house. After talking about salt and fresh water last week, the children sampled water with salt added to it to give them a bit of perspective. In English this week, we focused on animals and food. Marine animals were looked at closely, encouraging the children to remember the characteristics of different water mammals. The children are interested in the bigger animals we find in the ocean, so it was also a good opportunity to teach anatomy, such as fin and gills. We also kept working with fruits and vegetables, continuing to differentiate between the two and where they come from. We are learning that these are among the more important food groups in our diet.

Autor: native teacher Andrew