For the “Preparing Simple Cuisine” class, the students selected three big ripe blackberries each. As they learned how to mash each blackberry with a fork, the teacher prepared some thickened cream. The students were all given a measure of cream to then mix with their mashed blackberries, they all ended up creating blackberry cream that smelled intoxicating! Then they were given a slice of sponge cake, each. They applied the blackberry cream on top (they had to use all their willpower to stop themselves from eating it straight away) and then they were all given an extra, single, blackberry to garnish with. After their photos were taken, everyone was given a small cup of hot peppermint tea to go with their dessert.

They all discovered how easy it was to combine berries with cream, and how easy it is to apply it onto sponge cake. And how good peppermint tea tastes with cake.

Author: Karl Gorman